Band 9 Reports: Line Graph Basics



The line graph shows the changes in red meat consumption, measured in grams eaten per week, over the period from 2002 to 2010. Over the period as a whole, the amount of red meat that was consumed fell considerably.

In 2002, people at 1500 grams per week on average, and this figure remained stable until 2004. After that, consumption dropped dramatically to only 300 grams per week by 2008. Finally, for the last two years of the period, the amount of red meat eaten was unchanged.

Overall, by 2010, the amount of red meat consumed was only one-fifth of the level it had been in 2004.


The topic of the line graph will always be different (this one is about red meat consumption), but the structure can always be the same.Note: this line graph example is simpler than one in the real IELTS test, but it shows the general points you need to remember.

You MUST –

1. Have a clear introduction that tells the reader what the graph is about, how the data is measured, and what period is covered. In this example, the topic is “red meat consumption”, the data is measured in “grams per week”, and the period is “from 2002 to 2010”. After the reader has read your introduction, this basic information should be clear.

2. Give a summary of the overall trends or key points after the introductory sentence. For a line graph, this is normally “up/upward trend” or “down/downward trend”. In this example, the trend is obviously “down”. Don’t forget to say “how” it went down. Was it a small decrease or a big one? In this example, there is a big decrease, so I have written “fell considerably“.

3. Give some details from the graph to support the overall trends or key points. This should make the graph clear to the reader. They should be able to picture the graph in their mind.

4. Include a brief conclusion (one sentence is enough) that summarizes the main changes in the graph. This may be similar to your summary, so make sure you use some synonyms.

You should TRY to –

  1. Use a range of vocabulary for describing data. In this example, I have used “fell considerably” and “dropped dramatically”, which mean the same thing. You don’t want to repeat vocabulary if you can.
  2. Link your report with a range of linking words and phrases. I’ve used, “Over the period as a whole”, “In 2002”, “After that”, “Finally”, and “Overall” to make the report easy to follow and understand.

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