Band 9 Reports: Maps – Island Resort



The maps provide an illustration of the changes that took place on a small island when a resort was built on it.

Before construction of the resort began, the island was deserted with only a few palm trees and a small beach at the western end.

However, after the resort had been built the island was totally transformed.

In the centre and west of the island, several small bungalows were built to be used as accommodation for the resort’s guests. Between these buildings, in the centre of the resort, there is a reception area, while above this, there is a restaurant. In addition, on the south side of the island, a pier was built in order for boats to have a place to dock. A road for vehicles was built to connect the pier to the reception and restaurant. Similarly, walking tracks join the accommodation areas to each other, the central area, and also lead to the beach at the western end, which is now used for swimming.

Overall, a comparison of the two maps show that the island has changed dramatically from an empty piece of land into a medium-sized resort. (192 words)


  1. When writing about maps, try to mention all the important details, especially the ones indicated in the key (if there is one).
  2. Begin with an introduction that clearly shows what is being compared (normally changes to an area)
  3. Give a brief summary of the first map (the earlier one). You don’t need to write about every little detail, but make sure you include everything that you will compare in the second map.
  4. Take one sentence to show the reader that changes took place. In this example, the phrase used is “totally transformed”.
  5. Report the changes that took place, using a range of vocabulary and linking phrases to show WHERE things are and to LINK different parts of your report. In this example, words and phrases like “above”, “between”, “In addition”, and “Similarly” have been used to make the report clear for the reader. REMEMBER that your job is to ‘paint’ a clear picture for the reader. This means that is you had never seen the maps, you could still imagine what they show.
  6. Finish with a one sentence conclusion that reports the overall changes. In this example, the change is from “empty piece of land” to “medium-sized resort”, so the island changed “dramatically”.

Feel free to post any comments or questions. For more information, idioms, and useful vocabulary like and follow



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