Band 9 Reports: Diagram – Canning Pears

The diagram shows the process for canning pears. Write a report of at least 150 words summarizing the main details and making comparisons where relevant.


The diagram highlights the steps involved in the production of canned pears. There are several stages that take place between picking the fruit and sending it to stores to be sold.

After the fruit is picked by hand, it is transported by truck to the factory. At the canning facility, it is washed then checked to ensure that it is of suitable quality. Fruit that passes the quality control stage is kept in cold storage until it is ready to be canned.

In the next part of the process, the fruit is first weighed and given a grade. Next, the skin is removed along with the core before it is cut into smaller pieces. Now the slices are ready to be put into cans, which are then sealed. Following this, the cans are cooked at a temperature that is high enough to cook the fruit and sterilize the cans. Once this has been done, the cans are labelled and then placed in storage. Finally, the finished product can be dispatched to where it is sold.

The canning process aims to guarantee that the canned fruit is of a high quality and safe to eat. (194 words)


  1. A process is just a lot of steps. Make sure that you connect each step with a variety of linking words and phrases (aim for no repetition!) In this example, some of the linking words and phrases used are “After”, “In the next part of the process”, “Next”, and “Following this”.
  2. Try to include some synonyms from the title you are given. In this example, the “shows” has been changed to “highlights” and the “process” has been changed to “steps involved in”
  3. Make sure to include an overview of the process. If the process has many steps (like this one), try to give an overview that goes from start to finish i.e. from picking the fruit to dispatching it for sale.
  4. Try to think of some synonyms for the labels in each step. In this example, “quality checking” has been changed to “quality control” and “factory” has been changed to “canning facility”. If you can’t think of any synonyms, then it’s easy to change the structure. In this example, instead of “peeling” you can write “is peeled”, and instead of “cold storing” you can write “cold storage”.
  5. Remember that in a process something is being done to something, so you should use the passive voice. This is different from other Task 1 reports, so be careful!
  6. Try to include a one sentence conclusion that summarizes the main points of the process. In this example, the process shows the importance of having clean and high quality fruit, so this has been emphasized.

Feel free to post any comments or questions. For more information, idioms, and useful vocabulary check out


2 thoughts on “Band 9 Reports: Diagram – Canning Pears

  1. I’m assuming that since the fruit is heated inside the sealed metal can, it contains no BPA coating to leach into the food.


    • I would hope so! Anyway, for the purposes of writing a report about a process for IELTS, you only need to write about what is shown i.e. you don’t need to include any extra information or expert knowledge.


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