Band 9 Speaking: Part 3 – Online Shopping

  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping?

    “I think buying things over the internet has a few benefits over buying things in a physical store. One of the biggest is that you can compare different products and read some reviews about them from customers who have already bought them. Then, of course, there is the convenience factor. People can buy almost anything they want while sitting on the couch in their underwear.”


2. Are there any disadvantages?

Yes, there definitely are some drawbacks. With some products, like clothes, it is better if you can see the product in person beforehand, so you can see if it fits and whether it looks good on you. Also, I think a lot of people are concerned about security. They are worried that their credit card details or other personal information might be stolen, although most sites have good theft prevention and refund policies.”


3. Will people use online shopping more often in the future?

“I think so. When things like virtual reality develop more, people will be able to test products better before they purchase them. Moreover, I think there is a trend towards people doing more of everything online. When digital currencies, such a Bitcoin, become more popular, and drone deliveries become more commonplace, I think there will be much more shopping online in the future.”



  1. Topics about the internet and technology are very common, so it’s a good idea to build some specific vocabulary. In the above examples, words and terms like “digital currencies” and “virtual reality” have been used.
  2. Try to use a range of synonyms for common words. In the above examples, “benefits” is used instead of “advantages”, “drawbacks” instead of “disadvantages”, “purchase” instead of “buy”.
  3. Try to use more advanced vocabulary for common words or ideas. In the above examples, “convenience factor” has been used instead of “convenient” and “commonplace” has been used instead of just “common”.
  4. Try to change the grammatical structure of keyword phrases as well as synonyms. For example, instead of repeating “online shopping”, you can change it to “buying things over the internet.”
  5. Remember that, in English, stress is one of the most important things for clear pronunciation and fluency. For example, [stress in capitals] “I THINK there will be MUCH more SHOPping onLINE in the FUture.”
  6. Try to make your main ideas clear. They can just be a simple statement that you then explain in more detail. In the above examples, the simple main ideas are “I think so” and “There definitely are some [drawbacks].”

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