Band 9 Speaking: Part 1 – Bags


Do you like bags? Example 1

“Any kind of bag? [“Yes.”] “I don’t really care about bags. When I was at school I had to wear a backpack – like a school bag. I guess bags are useful for carrying things, but I normally just have my keys, wallet, and phone. If I had more stuff, I suppose I could get a man bag.”

Do you like bags? Example 2

“Yes, I love handbags. I have a few – almost like a collection. I have lots of stuff to carry around, and you probably know that women’s/girls’ clothing normally doesn’t have many pockets. But also, a handbag is a fashion accessory. They’re like a part of your outfit, even if the cost of some of the high-end ones is ridiculous.”




What do you use bags for? Example 1

“Like I said before, bags aren’t really that important to me. When I go to the supermarket or buy something in a shop, of course, I use a bag to bring it home. But even then, if I can carry it easily, I won’t use a bag because it’s a waste. Also, if I bring my laptop with me I carry it in its bag.”

What do you use bags for? Example 2

“As I said, I always have my handbag with me, but apart from that I use other bags. Sometimes, I go hiking with my friends in a national park, and then I wear a hiking pack that’s kind of like a bigger version of the bag I wore at school. I guess candy comes in bags too.”



  1. It doesn’t matter if you like or don’t like something. Just try to say something relevant. Anything!
  2. If you’re not sure what the exact meaning of the word being used because it is too general or unclear, then you can ask for clarification. In the first example, the candidate is not sure what kind of bags are being talked about so they ask – “Any kind of bag?”, and the examiner confirms with a – “Yes.”
  3. Try to use some natural language. In the first example, the phrase “man bag” is used to describe the male version of a handbag that has a single strap that is worn over the shoulder.
  4. Try to use some topic-specific vocabulary. In the second example, terms like “fashion accessory” and “high-end” are used.
  5. When you mention something from a previous answer, try to refer to it instead of just repeating yourself. In the third example, the speaker says, “Like I said before…” before repeating (with different words!) some information from his first answer. In the fourth example, the speaker simply says – “Like I said…”
  6. The question is about “bags” in general, so you can talk about any kind of bag. In the fourth example, the speaker talks about a bag for hiking and even a bag of candy.


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