Band 9 Reports: Tables – Mobile Phone Usage


The table shows the different things that people used their mobile phones for in 2006, 2008, and 2010. Write a report of at least 150 words showing the main features and making comparisons where necessary.



The table provides a comparison of the percentage of people who used the different features of their mobile phones in three different years: 2006, 2008, and 2010.

Overall, it is clear that the use of traditional mobile phone features, like making calls or sending and receiving messages, stayed about the same, while new advances, such as surfing the internet and recording video, became much more common. Moreover, using phones for entertainment also had a substantial climb in popularity.

Using a phone to make a call was a feature used by all phone owners in 2006 and 2008, and this figure had dropped only fractionally to 99% by 2010. Taking photos and using the text message function saw slight increases. The former rose from 66 to 76 percent over the period, whereas the latter saw a small bump from 73 to 79 percent.

In comparison, the use of new features soared. In 2006, the ability to record video and surf the internet was not available via mobile phone, but by 2010, almost three-quarters of phone users used their phones to go online, while more than a third of users recorded video with their mobile devices.

Finally, the percentage of people using their phones to listen to music or play games grew by more than two times. Just over 40 percent of people played games on their phone in 2010, up from 17 percent in 2006. Similarly, listening to music on one’s phone more than doubled in popularity over the same time, rising from 12% to just over a quarter of all phone users. (238 words)


  1. Tables are often the most difficult to write about because they contain a lot of information and it is often difficult to know how to organize it. Try to find 2-3 overall points and use these to write your overview. In this example, 3 main points have been included – (1) traditional uses are about the same (2) new features have become very popular (3) using phones for entertainment is much more popular.
  2. Use the main points that you have identified to organize the rest of your paragraphs. In this example, there is a separate paragraph for each main point covered in the overview.
  3. Remember that you must include an overview to get above a band score of 5.0
  4. Try to support your overview with specific data from the table. You don’t have to mention each percentage. Just write about the figures that help to show your main points.
  5. Try to use a range of vocabulary for describing increases and decreases. Check the sample for many examples. Try to avoid repetition. If you have to repeat a word, try to use a different structure e.g. “rising from…to…” compared to “rose from…to…”
  6. Don’t worry about synonyms for words like “features” or “mobile phones” if you can’t think of any. It is always better to be clear. You should, however, use some simple and safe synonyms and different structures like “phone user”, “phone owner” “people who owned mobile phones” etc.



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