Band 9 Speaking: Part 1 – Chocolate



Do you like chocolate?

“Sure. I don’t think there are many people who don’t like chocolate. I don’t really have a sweet tooth, but I still like to have it sometimes. It has to be good quality stuff though. Some cheap chocolate tastes terrible.”

Do you often eat chocolate?

“Um, not very often. I know some people find it hard to resist buying chocolate every time they go to the supermarket, but for me, I’ll only buy it when I get a craving. Maybe once or twice a month. I love really dark chocolate that has a slightly bitter taste.”


Is chocolate popular in your country?

“Definitely. I don’t know any country where chocolate isn’t popular. People in my country eat chocolate a lot, I guess. Some of it is cheap and not that good, but there is some amazing imported chocolate, although it is quite expensive.”


  1. Always try to say more than one sentence for Part 1. 2-4 sentences is best, depending on their length and complexity.
  2. Try to use some idioms or other natural language. In the first example, the term “sweet tooth” has been used to describe someone who loves sweet food.
  3. Try to use some other advanced vocabulary to show your range. In the above examples, “craving” and “imported” have been used.
  4. Try to use some topic-specific vocabulary. In these examples, the general topic is “Food”, so the phrase “slightly bitter taste” has been used.
  5. You can give a simple [one word] response before you give more details. This can make your speaking sound natural. In the above examples, “Sure” and “Definitely” have been used.




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