Band 9 Speaking: Part 3 – Roads


Do people like to complain about the narrow roads in your country?

“For sure. People complain all the time. The roads, especially in the older parts of big cities are often extremely congested. But, in my opinion, people make the situation much worse by not following the traffic rules, which cause even more traffic jams. They think that they have the right to go through a red light or drive the wrong way down the road, which makes the situation worse for everyone. I don’t know why. I guess they must think they’re very important.”


Do you think nowadays people are more attracted to cars than to other types of vehicles? Why?

“I think it’s true. In my country, the weather is often very hot and there is severe air pollution, so a car is way to kind of shelter yourself from the these things. Also, many people are very materialistic. By that I mean, cars are seen as a status symbol, so if you own a car you must be more successful or “better”.


Can transportation affect the environment?

“Without doubt. In fact, cars – and other vehicles – are one of the main causes of air pollution, along with industry. Vehicles release a lot of harmful emissions, like carbon dioxide that poison the air and cause lots of health and other problems. Also, the standards for vehicles are quite low, so ones that cause a lot of pollution are allowed to be sold, even though they are banned in other countries.”


  1. Try to use some topic-specific words. In these examples, terms like “congested”, “harmful emissions” and “carbon dioxide” have been used.
  2. Try to use some other advanced vocabulary to show your range. In the second example, the terms “status symbol” and “materialistic” have been used.
  3. Make your main point/opinion clear before you explain. In these examples, the main ideas are “For sure”, “I think it’s true”, and “Without doubt”.
  4. Explain your points with linking phrases. In the second example, the phrase “By that I mean…” has been used.

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