Band 9 Speaking: Part 1 – Gardens

1. What can people do in their garden at home?

SAMPLE – “Gardens are very versatile. By that I mean, you can do many things with them and in them. Some people want a garden full of brightly-coloured flowers that they can sit in, relax, and enjoy the natural beauty. On the other hand, many people start a garden because they want to grow their own vegetables and be more self-sufficient.

TIPS – (1) Link different ideas with appropriate phrases like “On the other hand…” (2) Try to use some topic-specific vocabulary. If you can’t, make sure to use any advanced vocabulary like “versatile” and “self-sufficient” (3) Explain ideas clearly with phrases like “By that I mean…”


 2. Why do many people not keep a garden?

SAMPLE – “I think many people avoid keeping a garden [different grammatical structure] because cultivating one can be very time-consuming [How?] Gardeners have to plant seeds, water the plants regularly, remove weeds, and deal with pests that might damage or kill the plants. Also, in crowded cities, many people simply do not have the room for a garden.”

TIPS – (1) This answer uses topic-specific words like “cultivating”, “weeds”, and “pests”. This is great way to show your vocabulary range and boost your score (2) Other advanced vocabulary like “time-consuming is good too (3) Use a range of sentence structures. Each sentence in this answer has a different structure.

Gardens 1

1. Is it beneficial for children to play in a garden?

SAMPLE  – “Definitely! Any opportunity that children have to play outside is a good thing. Nowadays, children generally live sedentary lives without much time for exercise. Playing in a garden can help a child be physically healthier through exercise and also mentally healthier by spending some time in a natural environment rather than staring at a computer screen.”

TIPS – (1) Make your main idea clear. It can be just one word like “Definitely!” Show your feeling through body language too (2) Advanced vocabulary like “sedentary” will boost your score (3) Explain your main ideas to make your answer clearer and say more

Gardens 2

4. Is it necessary to have gardens or parks in our cities?

SAMPLE – “Yes, I think open spaces like parks and gardens are absolutely necessary in urban areas. Without them, cities would just be block after block of buildings with nowhere for people to enjoy the outdoors. Green areas provide a space for relaxation and recreation, while of course more trees is always good for cleaner air.”

TIPS – (1) Use synonyms if you can. In this example, “open spaces” and “green areas” are used instead of “parks and gardens” (2) Interact with the examiner. Use phrases like “of course” if something is obvious AND make eye contact!
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