Band 9 Essays: Discuss Both Sides – Art at School

Some people think that children should learn to paint or draw at school. Others believe it is just a waste of time. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

GENERAL POINTS – (1) You must discuss both sides. If you only discuss the “good” or the “bad” side, you will not get above Band 5 (2) Aim for TWO ideas for each side, but ONE is okay if you can explain it well with extended details and/or an example [also remember that 250 words is not a lot to make your points clear, so don’t write about too many different ideas!] (3) Try to only have one idea per paragraph and make the topic sentence simple and clear [although use some advanced/topic-specific vocabulary if you can (4) Always think about the “other side” of the topic e.g. in this example, the topic is “art in school”, so the opposite of this is the normal or ‘core’ subjects that we study [like math, science, literature, etc]. Use this to support one or both sides of your answer (5) Make sure you directly answer the issue. In this example, you must show why learning art in school is OR is not “a waste of time” [also try to use synonyms for “waste of time”!] (6) Use a range of grammatical structures (both simple and complex). Generally, try to keep your main ideas simple and clear and make your details more complex.

Art School

TOPIC – Some people think that children should learn to paint or draw at school. Others believe it is just a waste of time. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


NOTE – Useful vocabulary [synonyms, collocations, and advanced and topic words] are in bold, while useful essay words and phrases [linking and transitions] are in italics . [these can be used for ANY essay, so learn them and use them!] Questions that you must answer for the reader have been inserted in parentheses […]

Aside from the core school subjects, like science, that school students universally study, many also have the opportunity to participate in art classes. However, while this subject can have a positive impact on learners, many believe that this time could be better spent on traditionally important subjects.

One positive benefit of learning to paint or draw is that it is a highly effective way to foster creativity [How?]. Art requires the artist to use his or her imagination to create something [So what?] and being able to be creative is a useful skill that can be applied to problem-solving in many different jobs and other contexts.

In addition to this, due to the fact that a considerable number of students are over-worked and under pressure with their regular studies, art provides them with an opportunity to switch off their brains and relax [why is this important?]. By doing this, they will be on the ball when it comes to focusing on the subjects that are considered to be more important. For instance, my father learned to paint in school and he now uses this skill to unwind after a stressful day at his job.

Nevertheless, opponents of art in school feel that school is simply a place to learn as much knowledge in order to be able to attain a desirable job. Relaxation and enjoyment are not a part of school life and should be left for any recreation time that students have outside of class.

Generally speaking, art should be included in the school curriculum. Despite the fact that it can be seen as a poor utilization of time, the benefits of being able to paint and draw supersede the need to spend the entirety of school concentrating on core subjects.

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