BAND 9.0 Speaking: Part 3 – Gifts


(1) Part 3 is the most difficult part of the speaking test.

(2) Focus on structure and being clear before you worry about vocabulary and grammar

(3) Try to say 3-5 sentences.

(4) Organize your answer like a body paragraph in a Task 2 (Writing) essay (i) A clear topic statement (ii) Explanation of the statement (iii) An example (if you can) (iv) Link to a new idea.

Gifts 4

NOTE – Synonyms and advanced vocabulary are in bold. Linking vocabulary is in italics. Questions you need to answer for the examiner are in […]

QUESTION 1 – Why do people give gifts in our society?

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I think people give gifts for many reasons. One of the main ones is to celebrate a significant event [Like what?], such as a anniversary or maybe a graduation. People also like to give gifts to show their appreciation to someone (For what?). I mean if someone has done a good job or helped someone in some way then they might be given a gift as a “thank you”.”

TIP – When you have to list reasons, you can start with a simple sentence to give you some time to think – something like “Um…there are a lot of reasons….”

Gifts 6

QUESTION 2 – Why do some people like to give hand-made gifts instead of purchasing them in a store?

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I think it’s because something made by hand is more personal than something bought in a store [How?] It shows that the person giving the gift cares about the person and is happy to put in some effort to make something nice for another person. It’s the thought that counts!”

TIPS – (1) Rephrase the question with some synonyms. In the above example, “hand-made gifts” has been changed to “something made by hand” and “purchasing” has been changed to “bought” (2) Make sure your main ideas a clear [a keyword or phrase] such as “personal” in the above example (3) If you can, use some common English expressions like in the last sentence [“It’s the thought that counts”]

Gifts 5

QUESTION 3 – What kind of educational gifts can be given to children?

SAMPLE ANSWER – “Hmmm, I’m not sure about that. Um, I think books are a good gift for children because they are a great way to learn about the world [How?] Books can be about anything. Also, because many children now have a smartphone or internet-connected device, maybe some kind of educational apps would make a good gift.”

TIPS – (1) If you need some time to think (1-2 seconds!) then use a phrase like in the first sentence above (2) You don’t need to be a genius/expert to get a high mark. Just focus on making your ideas clear – What’s a good way to learn? Um…books? That’s all you have to think of.

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