Band 9 Speaking: Part 1 – Colours


Speaking Part 1 is a casual conversation

DON’T use academic vocabulary

DON’T speak too formally

TRY to speak for 3 sentences (but NOT longer)


NOTE – Synonyms and advanced vocabulary are in bold. Linking vocabulary is in italics.

QUESTION 1 – What is your favourite colour?

SAMPLE ANSWER – “Um, I don’t know if I have a favourite colour. I guess I like natural colours, like brown and green. I don’t like things that are too bright.”

TIPS – (1) There is no “correct” answer. You just need to show that you can speak casually about some common topics. If you don’t have an answer, then that’s what you should say (with reasons!) (2) Try to give specific examples for general statements. For example, say what you mean by “natural colours”.

Colours 1

QUESTION 2 – Are there any colours you don’t like?

SAMPLE ANSWER – “Like I said before, I don’t really like bright colours. I’m kind of an introverted person, so bright colours give me a headache. I especially don’t like pink and yellow”

TIPS – (1) If you repeat an idea from a previous answer, then link your speaking with a phrase like, “Like I said before” or “As I mentioned earlier” (2) Use casual language like “kind of” to make your speaking sound more natural.

Colours 2

QUESTION 3 – What colours are popular in your country?

SAMPLE ANSWER – “Red is a meaningful colour in my country. It’s a symbol of luck. You can see a lot of it at special occasions, like weddings.”

SAMPLE ANSWER 2 – “Hmmm, I don’t know if there are any colours that are particularly popular. I think it depends on each person’s personality. Some people like bright colours, while others prefer dark ones.

TIP – You can say anything as long as you answer the question and are clear.

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