BAND 9.0 Speaking: Part 3 – Films



  1. In Part 3, you should aim for 3-5 sentences.
  2. You might notice that many of the Part 3 questions are similar to Task 2 essay questions. Organise you answer like an essay body paragraph (i) Main idea (ii) Explanation (iii) Link to new idea OR more explanation OR an example
  3. However, remember you are talking to a REAL person, so don’t speak like a robot. Make eye contact and speak normally, while trying to show some relevant vocabulary.


NOTE – Synonyms and advanced vocabulary are in bold. Linking vocabulary is in italics.

QUESTION 1 – What do people enjoy about going to the cinema?

SAMPLE ANSWER – “Going to the movies is a completely different experience from watching a film at home. Obviously, the screen is much bigger. Also, the sound system is a lot better. It creates the sensation that you are “in” the movie and it makes it more enjoyable.”

TIPS – Link your ideas with appropriate phrases. If you are saying something that everyone knows, then use words/phrases like “Obviously” or “Of course”. Don’t speak like a ROBOT!

Movies 2

QUESTION 2 – How have cinema-going habits changed in your country over the years?

SAMPLE ANSWER – “Um, I think the most significant change is that a lot more people go to the cinema. This is simply because people now have more disposable income to spend on leisure activities. Now, going to the movies is a regular activity, while in the past it was much rarer. In fact, many people had never been to the cinema before.”

TIPS – (1) Try to add some advanced vocabulary [like “disposable income”], but don’t force it. That means you need to have clear ideas BEFORE you worry about vocabulary (2) Add stronger explanation with phrases like “In fact”.

Movies 1

QUESTION 3 – What’s your opinion on Hollywood films?

SAMPLE ANSWER – “I think overall they’re great. They have huge budgets, so the special effects are normally amazing. However, there main purpose is to make money, so often there is not a lot of creativity or artistic types of film – just big blockbusters with lots of explosions and not much story.”

TIPS – Using some topic-specific vocabulary is a great way to boost your score. (2) Make your main idea/opinion clearer with words like “overall” or “generally”.

Television comercial production set.

QUESTION 4 – Does your country produce films? How are Hollywood films different from films produced in your country?

SAMPLE ANSWER – “Yes, my country has a film industry. Although, it’s not very big. I think the main difference between it and Hollywood is the money available and the type of films. My country’s movie industry doesn’t have hundreds of millions of dollars to make a movie, so the scenes are normally more simple. Also, the films are more about traditional topics and stories as my country’s culture is still very conservative.”

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