IELTS Sample Essays (Real Test): Reasons and Opinion – Sport and Gender

Men Women Sport 1

Nowadays men’s sports are given far more attention by society compared to women’s sports. What are the reasons for that? Do you think this is a positive or a negative development?


(1) Always pay attention to what type of essay you need to write and use this to organise your structure. In this essay you need to give some reasons for the situation (“men’s sports get more attention than women’s ones”) and then offer an opinion. One good way to write this essay is to use your body for the reasons and then give your opinion (with support) in the conclusion.

(2) This is a difficult topic and one that people might have strong feelings about. When you are faced with a difficult topic, try to keep you main ideas simple and clear, give an example after your main idea, and explain it with balanced language (not too strong, think about the other side, etc.)

(3) Always try to include some topic-specific vocabulary. For example, in the essays below, words like “merchandise” “TV ratings” “elite athletes” are used. If you can’t think of many words like this, then at least try to paraphrase the essay topic and use different words when you’re repeating ideas e.g. “positive” –> “beneficial”, “attention” –> “focus” “development” –> “phenomenon”

NOTE – The following contains two sample answers: a simple one and an advanced one. Notice how the structure for each is similar, but the advanced version has better vocabulary and grammar.

Men Women Sport 2


Nowadays men’s sports are given far more attention by society compared to women’s sports. What are the reasons for that? Do you think this is a positive or a negative development?

It is true that sports played by men receive more attention from society than the same sports played by women. Before deciding if this is a positive or negative thing, it is necessary to look at the reasons for this development.

One main reason for this is that men are generally stronger and faster than women. While this is not always true, most male sportsmen can compete at a higher level than women. For example, while they were preparing for the Winter Olympics, the Canadian national women’s hockey team lost a game to a local boys’ high school team . People often watch sports to find out who is the best and in sports men are usually better.

The effect of money in sport is also another reason. Many sports teams are big businesses and earn millions of dollars through advertising and selling team products. Due to the fact that more men watch sport than women, and men tend to watch male sports, these sports get more media attention which helps them to grow even more. Although, it is true that some female sports are getting more popular, including golf and tennis, they are still far behind the male versions.

It is difficult to say whether this is a positive development or a negative one. People will watch what they like and are not going to watch something just because they should be “fair”. What is important is that everyone has an opportunity to participate in a sport and be successful. However, sports viewers and advertisers want to see someone dunk a basketball or run 100m in under ten seconds, and this is something that makes male sports more attractive. (279 words)

Cropped image of hands of athlete muscular man and woman against dark background.


Nowadays men’s sports are given far more attention by society compared to women’s sports. What are the reasons for that? Do you think this is a positive or a negative development?

When looking at TV ratings, athlete pay, and crowd attendance, it is clear that male sports receives considerably more attention than their female equivalents. There are some basic underlying factors that give rise to this phenomenon, and these must be assessed first before a view can be offered on whether the greater focus on male sports is a positive.

An obvious reason for the disparity in attention is that men’s physical advantage over women makes the sports they play more entertaining to watch. For example, fans pay large amounts of money to attend a live NBA game to watch elite male athletes dunk a ball, while crowd numbers at women’s NBA games is much lower because the entertainment value is not as high. People want to watch their sporting idols perform feats that seem almost impossible, which is something that male athletes have a greater natural ability in.

A second crucial reason is simply profit motive. In other words, many sports teams are multi-million dollar businesses and this business is driven by advertising and merchandise sales, which are both driven in turn by ratings. As a team or sport becomes more profitable it will attract sponsors and athletes will be contracted to endorse products, and this all acts to draw more focus to the sport. While it is true that there are female athletes who attract attention, there numbers are much fewer and they are often promoted based on sex appeal rather than sporting talent.

Overall, issues of gender are often controversial and it is difficult to say whether a greater focus on male sports is beneficial or undesirable. What is true is that young boys and girls should be given the opportunity to play sport to be healthy and potentially successful, but that success needs to be determined by what people want to see, not what they are told they should watch. (312 words)

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