IELTS Essays Real Test: Causes and Solutions – Lack of Exercise

Lack of Exercise 2

Doctors in many countries say that people do not do enough physical exercise. What are the causes of this trend? How can the situation be improved?


(1) This essay requires you to write about some causes and some ways (solutions) to deal with those causes. Aim for two causes and two solutions.

(2) The topic does not require you to talk about effects. Writing about the consequences of a lack of exercise will not count towards your mark and will harm it.

(3) Always try to use some synonyms for words you will frequently use. For example, “causes” –> “reasons” “factors”, “problems” –> “issues”, “solutions” –> “steps that can be taken” “measures” “ways to address the issue” etc. Similarly, make sure you paraphrase the topic. For example, “do not do enough physical exercise” could be “do not get sufficient exercise” or “do not exercise enough to be healthy”.

(4) Try to use balanced language when offering solutions. For example, instead of saying something is “a solution”, say it is “a potential solution”; instead of saying something “is a solution”, say it “could be a solution”.

(5) You can have one body paragraph for the cause and one for the solutions, or you can have one paragraph for cause one and solution one, and one paragraph for cause two and solution two. Just make sure you link your paragraphs appropriately.

(6) Use your conclusion to summarize the points that (a) the problem is serious but (b) we can do something to solve it (think positively!)

NOTE – The following topic is taken from a recent IELTS exam. There are two sample answers: a simple one and an advanced one. Each answer contains useful linking vocabulary in italics and synonyms and advanced vocabulary in bold. The advanced version is written at a Band 9 level.

Lack of Exercise 3


Doctors around the world are warning us about the lack of of exercise that many people are getting. Not doing enough exercise is related to our modern lifestyle, although there are some steps that can be taken that could lead to improvements in this situation.

One of the main reasons why people do not get enough exercise is because they do not have enough time. They have to get up early to go to school or work, and by the end of the day they are too tired to go to the gym or do some other kind of exercise. Another factor is that, even if they have time to work out, people have many more choices about what they do in their free time. Nowadays, it is so easy to watch a movie or some entertaining videos online and, after a long tiring day, all someone wants to do is sit back and relax and switch off their brains with something inactive.

A lack of physical activity leads to a range of serious problems, so it is important that this issue is solved. One possible solution is to improve the balance between people’s life and work. People normally live to work and have just enough free time to recover for the next day of work. Creating a four-day work week or reducing the typical 9-5 working day could be a way to deal with this. In addition, people need to take personal responsibility. In other words, they have to accept that regular exercise is a necessary part of good health, and they need to find a few minutes each day to do something physically active.

Overall, not getting exercise is terrible for a person’s mental and physical health. Society and individuals need to change the way they work in order to allow everyone the chance to be active and as healthy as they can be. (315 words)

Lack of Exercise 1


Doctors in many countries say that people do not do enough physical exercise. What are the causes of this trend? How can the situation be improved?

Despite frequent warnings from medical professionals around the world about the dire consequences of a lack of physical activity, many people continue to get little to no exercise. The causes of this can be traced to the way modern society operates, but there are potential ways to tackle this issue and improve people’s quality of life.

The majority of most people’s lives is spent working or traveling to and from work. Simply put, this means the majority of people struggle to find time to exercise. Moreover, any free time they do have, they are too exhausted and rundown by work to find the motivation to exercise. Related to this is the fact that people have many other choices and distractions in their downtime. Streaming a movie or scrolling through endless memes is more appealing than going to the gym or even taking a casual stroll.

Because the problem exists at a social level, it requires changes to society. People need to have more free time rather than just existing to work and sleep. Reducing the length of the working week or cutting back on the conventional 9-5 working day are two such possibilities. At the individual level, people need to have more personal respect for themselves and accept that exercise is not a choice but an essential part of achieving the best physical and mental health that they can.

The sedentary society we live in is one of the main causes of escalating rates of mental health problems and costs billions of dollars ever year in healthcare expenses. Nevertheless, by emphasizing the importance of exercise and adapting society to meet human needs rather than vice versa, this looming issue can start to be resolved. (283 words)


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